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Our approach is simple, we work with you to properly asses the products and services your business requires. Once we have identified your business needs we work together in selecting the proper POSA provider and merchant service payment solution. Next we outline the roles and responsibilities of each party and develop an agreement that is clear and meaningful. One terminal that provides a host of revenue generating potential at your finger tips with zero inception cost.
True Minutes™ is a Rechargeable prepaid long distance service 
used to call anywhere in the world from your Home, Cellular, or Work Phone - without a PIN!

Unlike other long distance services, True Minutes™ provides you
A call history of every call! detailing the amount of your call and
the amount deducted from your True Minutes account

Rates are 100% Free of Fees
One minute rounding
No Expiration Date
TRUE MINUTES TRAVELER: Place calls from anywhere in the world online.TRUE WORLD MOBILE FREEDOM: Create foreign phone numbers for your families to call you on.
This is a local call for your family member.
Create Speed Dial Numbers to provide ease when communicating with family and friends.
Create True Five numbers to reach family member directly by entering one 866 phone number.
Create your very own US 800 number or local United States Area Code number

With True Minutes™ you’ll never be cheated out of your minutes again and access to features never before offered to consumers!

SolUnl can also help create white label calling card solutions for the agent / merchant that can drive significant international long distance termination. Click here for more information.

Solutions Unlimited Benefits Include:
* Improvement of Cash Flow
* Acceptance of Visa / MasterCard / Amex / Discover
* Debit Card Transactions
* Gift & Loyalty Cards
* In-loop Cash Cards
* Check Cashing
* Check 21
* Check Guarantee
* No Up-front Cost
* Consolidation of Services through One Terminal
* Free VeriFone 3730 VX 510
* No Inventory Cost
* Drive Foot Traffic Into Your Business
* Real Time Web Reporting
* Simple Transaction Process
* Competitive Commissions
* Free Point of Sale Advertising
* Robust Product Selection
* Reduce Shrinkage
* No Stock outs
* True Minutes Prepaid Long Distance Service
* Prepaid Wireless Coupons
* International Wireless Coupons
* Prepaid Discover Cards
* Bill Payment
* Prepaid Ring Tones
* Free VeriFone Terminal

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